Bamboo Flooring

Together my wife and I bought a house in Manhattan. We hired an architect to do a big make over. He suggested bamboo flooring. I would be very grateful for your opinion. Is it a good wood?

Bamboo is technically not a wood but a plant related to the grass family. Usually after 4-5 years the floors will need to be replaced. Scraping of bamboo floors does not have the same results as wood floors.

Slits Between the Wooden Boards

In my house I have a red oak floor that is showing slits between the boards. I try to keep the temperature around 70F, and use only professional care products for parquet wooden floor. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I understand your trouble. Wooden floors tend to move and breathe over time causing them to shift. Keeping the temperature around 70F is good, but be sure to check the humidity which sounds like it might be too low.

Floor Renovation is Possible in One Day

I rent a 700 square foot apartment in Manhattan, and I would like to do something with my floors. Could you give me an estimate on how many days I would need to stay in a hotel and what do your clients do with their furniture?

I would need to be physically there to give you an estimate which is FREE. Seeing as you live in an apartment, you would need to get insurance information from your landlord/lady. This way we can send them necessary documents so that apartment would be additionally insured for us to work on it. After that is taken care of, I would take a look at your hardwood floors. We can then discuss what type of wood and finish you would like.

You don’t have to rent a hotel room. Such small surfaces can be done in one day. Do not worry. Depending on the scraping/sanding, applying one coat sealer/primer and two water layers of lacquer (water or water based polyurethane). Additional days for different types are as follows.

  • Staining the floor will take two days.
  • If you choose polyurethane lacquer will take 2 days.
  • If you want additional extra coats will be an extra day

As for your furniture we recommend placing in a storage facility if the job takes a few days. Another option would be dividing your apartment in two and using a protective film on exposed furniture. We would scrape one half, then switch. Your comfort in your apartment is important to us. We will try to accommodate as best as possible.

Flooding Damage to Wood Floors

My washing machine flooded my wooden floor in the living room. I removed the water, but after a week my oak parquet began to bend. What do you think about that? Was it improperly installed?

I would say that the moisture has soaked through both the boards and sub-floor. I would have to physically be there to see it, but my estimate would be that scraping might be enough to fix the floor. If the damage is more extensive then you might need to replace the floor and add new primer.

We Provide Service Throughout USA

Do you provide your service in Kansas?

Yes, we provide our service in the territory of the entire US.

Scraping Around Furniture

I want to scrape the floors in my apartment but I don’t want to move the beds tables, and sofas. Can you do it around the furniture? Will it be cheaper if you don’t scrape under the beds and don’t paint it?

Yes we can, but this would be unwise. If you decide later to move furniture around then you will have obvious discoloration of your floors. As for being cheaper, that will depend on the layout of your floor and the work involved going around the furniture.

We Strive for Professionalism and Diligence

How can I be sure that what you do is well? Are you good on which you advertise?

We always do our best. We only deal with wooden floors and completely focus on this. The most important factor for us is the quality of our work while keeping our prices competitive. We strive to make each customer satisfied with our professionalism and diligence.

Parquet Installation With Glue

Can I install parquet 3.25” only on glue?

Yes you can – it is more time consuming and expensive then working with clips.

Ideal moisture for a wood floor

My entire apartment has parquet white oak at 5” x ¾. I’m seeing cracks and large spaces between the floor boards. In some places the floor moves or doors have difficulty opening/shutting due to bumps being formed. I called a flooring company and they said the humidity was too high. What should the temperature and humidity be?

The rooms should be around 70F (about 21C) and the moisture in the air should not exceed 50-60%. The moisture of the wood shouldn’t exceed 12% of the concrete under the floor.

New York Wood Floor Trends and Fashions

I bought a house in Brooklyn and I want to renovate the floors. My question is: do you think there are any trends in parquet floors in NY? I mean, if I sell the house- what will customers be look for? What is trendy now? Should I make mosaic (Herringbone Block), herringbone, simple floor (regular solid plank), mat or high gloss?

This question is difficult for me to answer, because New York is a very diverse city. In Manhattan and Park-Slope I used to do the simple oak floor, mat or satin. Customers remind me to apply satin or matte finish. Lately, a lot of customers bleach or color the floor a dark color using ebony stain. Brooklyn used more parquet with high gloss lacquer or semi-gloss finish. If the customer requests I can do borders and patterns as well.