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Tips To Repair Scratched Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors get scratched over a period of time which makes them look dull. Scratches may result due to moving of furniture, rubbing of shoes and dropping items over the floor. To retain the décor of your room it is very important that you remove these scratches. Repairing scratches in hardwood floors are easier than […]

Do It Yourself – Sand Your Floor

Sanding a floor from time to time helps it retain elegance. You can do it yourself by hand or electrically driven sanding machines which have become popular off late and can be hired. Here are a few tips that will help you in sanding your floor and giving it that new look: Carefully sweep all […]

Tips To Clean Hardwood Floors

These tips kept in mind will help you in keeping your hardwood floors elegant for years to come and add to the décor of your homes.


Waxing is not such an arduous task anymore, and the newer water based acrylic waxes are simply appied, left to dry and don’t need to be buffed. The best place to use this water based wax, is a sand-on-site floor that is subject to lots of scratching. For some, the way to go is to […]