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Grzegorz Heichel: 347 432 8548

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  • arrival at the work site.
  • measurement of general humidity and temperature.
  • measurement of sub-floor humidity.
  • checking sub-floor level.
  • measuring square footage.
  • any suggestions and advice concerning hardwood floor-related work.
  • useful tips on what products and materials to use.
  • estimate of materials.
  • estimate of our service.
  • assistance in purchasing hardwood floors from trusted suppliers.
  • possible computer visualization of the floor in your home, apartment, office etc.(extra fee)

In case of water-damaged floors we assist you with our advice as well as temperature and humidity measuring instruments.

All our experience and time are at your disposal 24/6 (Sundays NOT included).

Thank You!

Sincerely: Polish Hardwood Floors Team